YumJam Masonry WordPress Plugin (beta)

This plugin keeps your development costs down!  It’s easy to use and looks amazing.  It can take all your big boring posts and within a few clicks you can have a cool looking masonry grid, “newsy” view, use it to display your portfolio, gallery or products in an innovative way or imitate the Pinterest look and feel all within a few moments!  You can use existing layouts or customise it. Through the use of short codes, the whole thing is so easy and intuitive.

Key features

Easily display WordPress posts or custom post type entries within a tidy masonry style wall layout.

An easily customizable layout is displayed via a WordPress shortcode with several pre-built styles to choose from.

A handy shortcode builder, allows you to simply and quickly choose your ideal settings and outputs a full shortcode to copy and paste into a page, post or widget

A separate custom post type “Bricks” to keep your wall content separate and  tidy (optional).

Example Displays

Shortcode builder


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